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My name is Christiane Laabs. Animals are my special passion. That's why they are also an essential part of our family.
In our family there are three of my White Shepherds, Vitus of the Hohensyburg (born in April 2001) , Tapika of White Conder (born in January 2002) and Becuma von der Herrin vom See ( born in November 2004 ) as well as Abrakadabra´s Berenika, the Nebelung cat (born in March 2002) and the Ragdoll male Kuschel. The animals grow, learn and play with my kids ( 9 , 7 and 2 years old ). They have access to all parts of the house and the dogs of course "rule" the 600 m² garden.

I am a member of the German Association for White Shepherds (BVWS) .I am also a member of the German Regional Association of Noblecat Breeders (RVDE).


The Nebelung:

The Nebelung is a longhaired, silver-blue shimmering cat that resembles the Russian Blue. The German word Nebelung (pronounced nay-bel-ung) means "creatures of the mist," which brings to mind exotic animals roaming mysterious forests, fading away into shadows just before you get close enough to catch a really good glimpse - an appropriate name for a feline with a long, luminous coat, glowing green eyes and an intelligently cautious nature.
The Nebelung's body style is long, slender, and athletic. Although the Nebelung's body is slim, sometimes even kind of skinny, it nevertheless is still muscular and strong. They jump elegantly nad land smoothly and soundless. All their movements appear fluently, light-fooded and well coordinated.

Nebelungs can easily jump to the top of the tallest bookcase.The head is a modified wedge shape, more pointed than rounded, although the long hair may give a rounded look to the face. The eyes are slightly oval and widely spaced, and the ears are large and pointed.
Nebelungs are sweet, gentle, soft-spoken companions that dislike change and usually need a "getting to know you" adjustment period. They are reserved around strangers, ranging from hiding under the bed in terror to warily eyeing the intruders from a safe distance. But once they adjust and learn that they can trust their human friends, Nebelungs become playful and affectionate companions. They get along with other animals and children in the house very well. They just love to live, cuddle up to their master or lazily sunning itself on the window-sill, squintingly stretching out a paw trying to catch a sun beam.
It is a social family cat that is sensitive for the men´s mood consoling them in times of sorrow and illness. The Nebelung is a very devoted pet that can hardly leave the side of their chosen person but sometimes one can find in places in the house one never had expected. A long nap in the wardrobe for example is kind of typical for this cat. The play instinct is well distinct even up to aged Nebelungs and they play with cleverness and creativity. Somewhat untypically for cats Nebelungs sometimes like to paticipate in water games on the edge of the bathtub.
Berenika took part in an exhibition of RVDE in August 2002 in Hamburg where she was judged with "V1". In May 2003 she was mated by Olivin of Berejesa. Three kittens were born on July 17th, 2003. One of the A-litter, Avery von der Herri vom See, won the title "best in show" on her first exhibition. Meanwhile she lives in the Netherlands with the breeder Marianne Elshout.


White Shepherds:

Since the beginning of 2003 White Shepherd are officially accepted by the FCI, the European umbrella organization for dog breeding, and though may be shown on exhibitions of the German national dog breeding association (VDH).
I saw my first White Shepherd in back 1990. Since I was raised with a German Shepherd in my parent´s house I was fascinated by this creature and soon decides for myself: sometime when the circiumstances of my future life will allow this, my own family will be a pack with a White Shepherd.
In spring 2002 the air was right and finally Vitus of the Hohensyburg, a lond-haired male joined us. I found everything acknowledged I read about White Shepherds before. It is a perfect family dog with a ballanced character, patient and good-natured. Once we had the situation that one of our children walked backwards, tripped over the dog falling on it. Our little boy was startled, cried and sreamed, but when got up on his feet again he was even comforted by the dog by licking the kid`s face.

Vitus` sensitivity makes him appear human somehow. He is a real good companion that seems sensible And although he sometimes has some silly things in mind there is abosulutely no doubt about his loyalty towards us. For his training this sensitivity sometimes is kind of a problem, because he may not be the right one for some of the popular training methods. Anyway, he is a brilliant athlete who likes Agility-exercises very much. Unfortuantely we currently do not have enough time for this.
Vitus is very much fixated on me as his master. He always likes to be in the same place I am. This seems to be a general characteristic of White Shepherds: Everytime I move in the house two "Whithes" and the cat follow me whereever I go. They all even follow me into the bathroom and wait next to the bath-tub when I take a bath. But I do not feel disturbed.

In September 2001 Vitus took part in the exhibition EURO 2001 in Münster /GER and was jugded "VV2" which was good to become European Vice Champion. He also took part in the exhibition for Federal German Champions in Mendig /GER in July 2002 and was judged "V".
In May 2003 Vitus took part in the International VDH-Exhibition in Neumünster/GER, where he unfortunately was only jugded "GOOD" in the open classement. Only one week later, in early June 2003, he was shown at the World-Dog-Exhibition in Dortmund /GER and was judged "VERY GOOD".
The evaluation of the x-raying of Vitus´ hip joint was "free of any damage (STATUS A)".

Since Vitus got along with us so remarkably well in April 2002 Tapika of White Condor, a long-haired female coming from the breed of Mrs. Modl (Austria) joined our pack in Rendsburg/GER. She grew up with us from the 8th week of her life on. Almost simultaneously with Tapika the Nebelung cat Berenika came to our house. So like Tapika had a happy time as a whelp in a "mixed pack" the future whelps of our own breed will grow up. Tapika was shown on the exhibition for Federal German Champions in Mendig /GER in July 2002 and was judged "VV2" and won the title "German Vice Champion". InMay 2003 she also took part in the International VDH-Exhibition in Neumünster/GER and was jugded "VERY GOOD" in the open classement.

One week later at the World-Dog-Exhibition in Dortmund /GER she was judged "V" in thre open classement and became 4th in the overall ranking.

When Tapika´s hip joint was x-rayed the evaulation was "transitional stage (STATUS B)". I learned not to have a female x-rayed immediately after having been on heat.

Vitus and Tapika both achieved their readiness to breed by VDH. My breed "von der Herrin-vom-See" is under international name protection of FCI and VDH.



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